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Raines Photos - Mostly of New York

Senator John Raines

Born: May 6 1840, Canindagua, Ontario County, N.Y.
Died: 1909
Raines, John (1840-1909) of Canandaigua, Ontario County, N.Y. Brother of Thomas Raines and George Raines. Born in New York, May 6, 1840. Republican.

Served in the Union Army during the Civil War; member of New York state assembly, 1881-82, 1885;
member of New York state senate, 1886-89, 1895-1909;
U.S. Representative from New York 29th District, 1889-93;
delegate to Republican National Convention from New York, 1904, 1908 (alternate).
Member, Grand Army of the Republic; Loyal Legion; Freemasons. Died December 16, 1909. Interment at Woodlawn Cemetery,
Canandaigua, N.Y. See also: congressional biography.

Father was Rev. John Raines
Born: 1812, Hull, Yorkshire (East Riding), England
Married May 8 1838 to Mary Remington
His family boarded the "Rufus King" in May 1821 at Liverpool.

Senator John Raines

Geneva, New York: Geneva Advertiser & Gazette, March 18, 1909

Editorial note the Senator John Raines supports political equality, as does the editor, who believes thousands of women more trustworthy and worthy of suffrage than men.

Suffrage article

Letter from Senator John Raines to Anne Fitzhugh Miller
Suffrage article

Letter from Senator John Raines to Anne Fitzhugh Miller
Suffrage article

William Guy Raines
In hand - "The face is the heart's glass" - W.G. Raines, Jan 20th 1916

Born: abt 1849, Victor, New York
Married to Ada Elizabeth Varney
Died: Bef 7 1925 Jan, Rochester, New York

William Guy Raines

Raines - unknown

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